What To Expect When Approaching Divorce

A divorce can be hard on everyone involved. Not only does it mark the end of a relationship between two people, but it can mark the beginning of a complicated life for you and your family. Tensions can be very high during divorce proceedings, and best divorce lawyer santa rosa county things can turn ugly very fast. This is why you need a divorce attorney santa rosa has to offer. Having a lawyer by your side will help to make sure you’re treated fairly. Let’s look over a few of the things you may have to worry about.

Child Custody

When there are children involved things tend to get very complicated. Both parents typically want primary custody of the children. Unfortunately, only one parent can receive primary custody. Disagreements in child custody can turn into intense battles if spouses can’t come to an agreement. Family court judges tend to focus on what’s best for the children involved. Although judges will typically award the mother with primary custody, fathers are sometimes awarded this custody as well. Visit divorceattorneysantarosa.net – divorce law firm in order to help with custody arrangements.


Child Support

This subject tends to cause heated debates. Child support is typically the responsibility of the parent with secondary custody. The amount of support you provide will depend on your income and the needs of the child. You’ll need to work closely with a divorce attorney in order to make sure that this amount is correct. Both spouses will have their current financial situations looked at. In some cases, the parent with secondary custody doesn’t have to pay child support.

The Separation of Property

When you and your spouse came together your property came together as well. This can be a hard thing to deal with when divorce becomes the issue. In most states all property is considered community property. That being said everything is split 50/50. Again, both you and your spouse’s finances will be looked at. It’s important to be truthful about the types of assets and income you have in your possession. If you attempt to hide information in order to maintain parts of your property, you could be punished for attempting to mislead the courts. Visit http://www.divorceattorneysantarosa.net for more information.

All of these things are things you should consider. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but unfortunately divorce is a realistic possibility. If you and your spouse should ever decide to divorce, it’s important that the two of you focus on behaving amicably. Be willing to set your feelings aside and compromise in order to make things as easy as possible. Visit divorceattorneysantarosa.net – divorce attorney santa rosa California for help.


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